The Five Biggest Misconceptions in Ed-Tech

A how-to guide for anyone interested growing an online education company

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Misconception #1: Students Will Love It

My product provides high quality, engaging educational content that students will prefer over traditional ways of teaching/learning.

My Advice:

Misconception #2: We’re Better Than the Competition

My product has a better UX and relevance to students than what is currently on the market.

My Advice:

Misconception #3: Using Our Online Learning Tool is a No-Brainer

The need/problem that we’re solving is so great, teachers will see the value for their students

My Advice:

Misconception #4: Our Go-To-Market Strategy is Focused on Organic Growth

Because our product addresses a real need, we expect it to practically sell itself (by word of mouth, search, thoughtfully designed website etc)

My Advice:

Misconception #5: Our Pricing Model Removes the Adoption Barriers

I will reach a broader audience by making my product free (at least in the beginning).

My Advice:

The Bottom Line

Brooklyn based Start-Up Advisor, Impact Investor, Filmmaker, Writer, and Leadership Coach. I focus my time on the future of learning and the future of work.

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